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5.05 The Russian Rocket Reaction

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Rather than being less than factual, I think it was incomplete. He should have added the whole 'pulling the dead meemaw card" when he was explaining the reason for Wheaton being on his list. That was the icing on the cake as far as the hate thing went, in my opinion.

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Point noted, no more smileys.

I thought I was just expressing my opinion, too (or my theories about why something happened). I certainly didn't intend to try proving myself better, in fact I wasn't thinking of myself at all, just of the show.

If it came across like that, I'm sorry.

As for being a fangirl, I plead guilty.

Hey, I like your smileys. Wouldn't be Pomita without them.

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I watched the episode for the first time last night, and I loved it!

Sheldon was hysterical. Especially his "schrodinger's friendship" jokes, taking Penny off his mortal enemy list, hugging Wil Weaton (!!! :icon_cheesygrin:), and completely ignoring Data. Classic Sheldon! :icon_lol:

I also loved Howard's storyline. The actor is terrific. His performance is on par with Jim Parson, if not better, IMO. (And I'm a huge Jim Parson's fan.)

I hope Howard gets to go to space. I'm only afraid he'll become completely insufferable once he gets back. Once he tastes the fame and fortune, Howard is going to give Sheldon the run for his money in terms of obnoxiousness, mark my words. :icon_lol:

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