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True. "Luulet vaan, oot siinä iässä." It's my language and means something like "Yes, you think so now, but it doesn't mean it's true. You see things differently later." TPAM likes pancakes.

False, my health issues prevent me from doing too much physical OR mental work.   @ DELSINO, not that it matters but our NEW place has space for a garden in the front AND backyard which our present

Yup, every morning and every late afternoon and I assume all night long.   TPBM has just received ANOTHER PIP !!   CONGRATULATIONS DANI !!!!! 


If you look beneath the word "Members" and above the amount of numbers of posts you have, you will see, in your case, 6 little black dots.

Those are called PIPS, they are tied to the amounts of posting you've done.

You get 1 for just signing up.

You get your next one for your first posting.

you get one for your 100th post.

You get one for your 250th post.

You get one for your 1,000th post, etc.

You get two for your 5,000th post.

You get two for your 10,000th post.

You get one for your 15,000th post.

You get one for your 20,000th post. 

 I will get one on my 25,000th post. (1), (2)




TPBM considers chocolate one of the major food groups. 



(1) I've contacted  TRIPPER to make sure about the number of posts and once upon a time some of the post count was different, but this is the official count !


(2) At this time there is no higher PIP amount but just give me time !! (LOL)

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@Mike, you always have to count my pips if I get another one, I haven´t seen it before you told me :thankyou:!  It will take a while until I get the next...



TPBM usually drives a bit too fast.

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False. They are very rare in arctic circle. Most of the people here look all the same. White skin and white hair. Because no one who's not birth in here wants to move here, because it's f * freezing. Our genetic map has been same about 8.000 years and it causes problems.

TPBM is beautiful just the way he/she is.

Willow, False also :)

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