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True. "Luulet vaan, oot siinä iässä." It's my language and means something like "Yes, you think so now, but it doesn't mean it's true. You see things differently later." TPAM likes pancakes.

False, my health issues prevent me from doing too much physical OR mental work.   @ DELSINO, not that it matters but our NEW place has space for a garden in the front AND backyard which our present

Yup, every morning and every late afternoon and I assume all night long.   TPBM has just received ANOTHER PIP !!   CONGRATULATIONS DANI !!!!! 

 I guess so.

 I collect rocks.

 I vacation rocks.

 Not from MY vacations,

 I collect vacation rocks from OTHER peoples vacations.


I have rocks from Easter Island, the White House, outside the crypt of JESUS, to name just a couple.


TPBM likes spicy foods.

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Very true. I've been in Heaven since they discovered (or created) the Ghost Chili. For anyone that doesn't know about how the heat in a pepper is measured, it's done using the Scoville Scale. Without getting too in-depth, a Jalapeno measures a measly 5,000 Scoville Units (not very hot), while a Habanero usually runs around 350,000 Scoville Units, and a Ghost Chili comes in at 1,000,000+ Scoville Units. Most people can't tolerate an amount of hot sauce made from them, larger than a drop (if that).   


@ Walnut... Have you seen the Lucile Ball film The long, Long Trailer? She collected rocks in it.


TPBM likes black coffee.

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Yeah, it is true, I am happy but, you know, I think it is difficult to be full happy in this life. Sometimes I miss my mother and grandmother. I am an orphan now. But the rest all is very fine in my life :)


TPBM love to make jokes.

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True - when I was a child, I was called "Rent-A-Mouth", on the account I wouldn't quit yapping(!) :lol: These days, not much of a peep..! :D

TPBM has rollerbladed in their local park.

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