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5.07 The Good Guy Fluctuation (Oct. 27)


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Leonard onto hot woman #4...must be his confidence or his money or his...ehhh, no matter what it makes no sense.

The actress that played Stephanie Barnett was great, she was attractive but not model sexy and was believable. Plus, she was a bit needy and clingy which explains why she'd want Leonard.

Every since then...makes no sense.

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hmmmm.... a Halloween episode. Let's see if Sheldon does it as good as Dan Conner :D

I heard it was so good that the tape attenders wont share it with anyone. They don't want to spoil it for anyone. :D I had 4 friends who attended and no one will tell ANYTHING!

Hmmm. Yes, I read the report too. :D

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So Bernadette is turning into howard's mom that is unsettling, not sure where they're going with Leonard, he had one girl for 10 years before penny moved in now ever new girl on the show now ever new girl is paired with him are they turning him into a ladies guy, plus I thought the whole point of him wanting penny and eventually dating penny was because she was his only shot at a pretty girl, so guess that's it with priya I thought it would've lasted longer since she slept with her ex I guess he should've slept with penny. Is it normal for a guy to ask his ex relationship advice

Does anyone know when they would decide when the series would extend to more than seven seasons or it would end at seven, I know we have almost 3 seasons left

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I loved that episode! Best Halloweenepisode ever! Loved the pranks! The beginning was so funny :D and I loved the prank Howard played on Sheldon on his porch and I loved Leonards prank to Sheldon in the apartment as the balloon came out of the mailbox :D and I loved the end! Never laughed so hard *hahahaha* :D :D it was hilarious :D :D

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I was hoping for Leonard to grow a spine, dump Priya and go out with this new girl. But, no. The girlfriend who he thought he might end up marrying sleeps with someone else and expects everything is going to be OK. I wonder if he'll even break up with her now.

And on top of that, he decides to turn into a douche and Penny goes along with it (sure, mild push back but she ends up being OK with it). Whatever happened to "are you really that kind of guy?" And what ever happened to the future Leonard / Penny relationship? Looks like that’s dead in the water to me. There didn't seem to be anything but neighbourly friendship between those two.

Other than that, I actually liked the rest of the show. The assorted trickery was fun.

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Brilliant, brilliant episode... best this season for me.

Was great to see everybody "being themselves" again.

Looks like they've set the bait with regards to whether or not Priya remains with Leonard.

Sheldon's joy buzzer scene in the loungeroom was 10x funnier once he hit the floor !!

I thought Leonard's remorse was very well acted. JG is getting some great lines this season.

Continuity was again a winner with Raj's desk. Stuart strutting his stuff was classic.

Great all round episode.

Will be interesting to see if the episode spawns a thread about who was more unfaithful.. Leonard for the kiss or Priya for the sex... ahhh brings back memories of season 4... :D

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