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5.07 The Good Guy Fluctuation (Oct. 27)


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Have been watching through the entire show again. I forgot how much I loved this episode and the Alice character. I wish there was a way to bring her back, perhaps as a girlfriend for Raj or Stuart or even just as a friend or standalone character.


That would be kind awkward considering her tryst with Leonard lol. She was just a plot device kinda character. I see no reason to bring her back. 

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Yes, Leonard asking Penny how he can feel OK about cheating on Priya is OOC, even if he had no idea of getting back with Penny he'd surely not want her to despise him? But perhaps the scene was just too funny not to use once they'd thought of it.

It doesn't seem to have permanently affected Penny's idea of Leonard, as she was taken completely by surprise to learn he had snogged a girl on his long scientific voyage, in the Season 8 finale.

I thought the way the Leonard-Priya relationship came to an end suddenly was lazy, as though the writers just got fed up with writing a character who could only appear on a laptop screen.

Did they get more into each episode back then? All the Alice stuff was in less than half the episode otherwise taken up with halloween pranks.

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Here you go lennyx3

From The Isolation Permutation:-

Sheldon: Topic one. Faster-than-light particles at CERN, paradigm-shifting discovery or another Swiss export as full of holes as their cheese? And converse.

Penny: All right, who wants to go to my apartment and look at bridal magazines?

Bernadette: Oh, me.

Penny: Through no one’s fault, Sheldon, we’re leaving.

Amy: Wait for moi.

Sheldon: You’re leaving?

Amy: Sheldon, sometimes you forget, I’m a lady. And with that comes an oestrogen fuelled need to page through thick glossy magazines that make me hate my body.

Sheldon: Ah. New topic. Women, delightfully mysterious or bat-crap crazy?

Raj: Totally. What’s wrong with cap sleeves? If you have the right figure for it, they’re adorable.

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