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The In My Pants Game


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On 2/4/2018 at 12:25 AM, snell said:

How you handle it for so long time? :o somehow im happy that Heikki is also in bad condition and he cant leave me alone :( selfish but true in my pants. Im horrible person.

 Snell, sorry it took me so long to answer.

 If you get a chance, look up "Footprints In The Sand" it tells how GOD carries me in the toughest of times. And the times when I suffer from depression and the like, I can tell everyone how much worse it would be for me without GOD.

I just gave a small testimony about myself in my pants.

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On 10/02/2018 at 11:23 AM, KT1972 said:

Young Sheldon is finally coming to the UK on 22nd February, along with the second half of series 11 in my pants!

I was watching that in my pants last November and before that with the teaser pilot and The Orville thank to in my pants and the miracle of the internet.


Why not 90, 000 posts or 'Another 45, 000 Posts In My Pants' @walnutcowboy

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