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Ohai. I was led to this site by my friend Master-Sephiroth (who's my friend IRL too xD).

Anyways, my name is Vincent Valentine (yup, 'tis true) and I'm a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory :D My fave character is Sheldon because he ish so quirky lol

Anywayz, about me... I'm a fan of Final Fantasy VII (blame on Seph), The Sims 2, (yup, blame on Seph) and roleplaying (um... blame that on you know who).

I'M GAY in both senses of the word, sooo... yeah. :D (that's NOT to be blamed on Seph though). Oh, and I recently got a job. Which sucks. CHOCOBO TURDS.

Oh, and I hate Twilight too. o3o.

Sooo, that's me! o3o.

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