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If you weren't watching TBBT ....


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i just rewatch tbbt reruns, i've watched all 4 seasons about 6-7 times now

i would rewatch all 10 seasons of Smallville as well as Friends

when Chuck Finale season airs, thats what i would be watching also

im gonna give Terra Nova a try

I don't watch shows on TV, i just download/stream it on my PC

oh yeah one of my favorite cartoons The Life & Times of Tim (HBO)

drawings are horrible, but soo funny

only season 1 and 2 out, waiting for season 3 for like over a year

10 episodes per season

each episode have two stories

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I'm probably a bit slow on the uptake on this one, but I sat through the entire series of "The In-Betweeners" on my days off.

How shmecking brilliant is that show ??? Loved it. Hoping the movie hasn't lost any of the charm.

Inspired me to search out the tv version of "Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole" now.

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I'm not going to list fully because seriously I watch wayy too much tv and really shouldn't be allowed sky+, but I really like Scrubs, Malcolm in the Middle, The Vampire Diaries (mostly due to Ian Somerhalder being in it), Bread and Shameless. TBBT is my new favourite show, but I'm also kind of getting into the OC

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I guess I would have to say the most difficult part is "WHAT" to watch to pass the time waiting for "TBBT".I have tried a few but how can you get involved in a story line with 15 minutes of commercials in a 30 min show ?????.I try to look for shows that will make it too dvd i.e game of thrones, spartacus gods of the arena, is that cheating hmmm....

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