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Would you like to see Amy cut as a character?  

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  1. 1. Would you like to see Amy cut as a character?

    • Yes.
    • Yes, she's spoiling the show.
    • No.
    • No, she's my favourite character.

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I think amy is a great character as she is now but there are some traits she has that need to change(in my opinion)

1.Her weird comments to penny

2.When she is upset with sheldon , she let's him get away with it soo easily

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The only thing they need to change from Amy for season 6 is her comments towards Penny, I understand Amy didn't have any friends growing up or before she met everyone and for her bestie to be the cheerleader/homecoming queen/Prom Queen the popular girl in high school so there's a little admiration to Penny but it's getting a little past that and heading towards somewhere else, so that would be the only thing I would change, anything else I believe is fine and it's who she is.

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That's never gonna happen! Amy just admires Penny for being a nice girl because she wants to be like her but not in a sexual way. That's only for comedy purposes.


They could hypothetically go there (just as they could, hypothetically, show Raj actually falling for Howard, or Raj/Bernadette seeing each other in a clandestine way, or Sheldon/Penny falling for each other..) but then it would be a different show. With the inherent light-heartedness of TBBT, I don't think they're going to get into that much of a mess with complicated relationships. The nearest they got was the almost-one-night-stand between Raj/Penny, and that most certainly wasn't appreciated.

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