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Greetings Red Dwarf,

Welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy visiting and meeting the great people here. :icon_cheesygrin:

Thanks for the nice welcome --live long and prosper!!

thanks for the welcome -- live long and prosper!!



--Hello -- just got done watching the old Will Weaton episode of BBT -- he doesn't look anything like he did on next gen -- funny ass ending with Sheldon taking the bait -- ***** no spoiler warning robots*** LOL

Hi Red Dwarf, do I take it you are a (nother) Red Dwarf fan?

---Big time Red Dwarf fan, I love Red Dwarf it kicks butt in every galaxy but rigel 12 -- man that cat sure evolved form Lister's old cat -- and many who don't know the show forget that RIMMER IS A HOLOGRAM (Lister's old boss doing vending machines)--!!!!!! Ace Rimmer was cool -- I did some vending machine work myself back in the day -- don't vend that candy bar -- oh crap ***late spoiler warning **** you just activated the self-destruct mech on the ship -- I told you not to touch anything (Rimmer - to Lister) how bout the time Lister had the big Zit on top of his head and he popped it -- man that was gross - funny just like the Big Bang Therory -- Sheldon is part rain man. part Genius -- part blasted idiot -- he rocks and is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi to both of you /wave

Wave back -- very Interesting ....

Hi all!

I'm new, just wanted to say hi. You'll find I have plenty of opinions of the show. BBT is one of the most creative comedies I've seen on TV and I love it.

I think you are correct -- 'one of the most creative comedies I've seen on TV and love it'. --- it is a great show and will never slow down the creative genius of it. hope to go see a live taping in CA someday -- that would be cool!!!!

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