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2.season ?


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this 8 + 9 more?

And sorry for my english :)

Yes, there will be another 9 between now and May, on top of the 8 already aired. :icon_cheesygrin:

Then the show will return in September for another season.

Your english is perfect :)

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We understand the order was for 24 episodes.

God I really hope it is the full 24 episodes!

Having only just caught up with the first season, up to episode 10 here in the UK, I even have paid £1 per episode on channel 4's 4oD service to watch the ones I missed, silly me!

What an excellent show! Sheldon is simply an amazing character, sublime acting from Jim Parson, well worth of an award!

Simon Helberg has to be the unsung hero, if not just for the belts he is brilliantly given by the custume department, his portrayal of a geek caught up in "Happy Days" 70's cool is simply superb! What a dude! ;-)

Not forgetting the rest of the cast of course, just that Howard and Simon really steal the show if you looking for real geek magic :-)

I'm very impressed with the creator, hats off! I loved 2 men, but this really is a masterstroke and I just can't wait for the drip to feed me more episodes!

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