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3 Player Chess

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yeah there is a 3 player chess board but it's not like that of the show. its checker pattern swrils into the center of the board like some tornado. i dont know how that works as 3 player chess but it sure looks cool.

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I made a version of Sheldon's 3 player chess for my ex for her birthday when we were dating as she's a super Big Bang Theory fan. I've taken lots of pictures of it and posted everything here:


We never got a chance to test it so don't know how it plays but I think it will play in a fairly balanced fashion considering the amount of ridiculous fairy pieces there are.


(PS. I know this is an old thread but I came across it originally when I searched for a version earlier this year before coming up with the rules myself, so I'll leave it here in case anyone else is on the hunt for it and comes by this page.)


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