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Might or Magic, what's your preference?

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Do you like Magic? Or do you prefer to use Might?

For example, do you like fantasy books with strong magical content, with mages and spells all around the place?

-Or do you rather read books where the hero saves the day with the aid of his mighty and manly muscles?

Also, in RPGames, do you use magic oriented PC, or do you rather use a musclebound swordsman?

Me, I like Might in fantasy literature. Magical fantasy books just make me sleepy, even though Raistlin is a cool character. In games, I just find magic users too weak in close combat, so I usually take a character that can have good armour and sword skills.

So, what do you prefer? Might, or Magic???

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Only magical books that I find interesting are Harry Potter books.

-probably because the magic is never the center issue in them.

But it does perplex me how the mages in harry potter never get tired after using big spells. I mean they can blast away battle spells and hexes all day long (even the kids). Still, I think this is good, because if the characters had to go for a lay down every time they used magic, the HP books would get pretty boring and repetitive :icon_biggrin:

HP movies I do find boring, because in them the magic, and magical battles, have been put to the fore and they have been given a lot bigger status than they had in the books.

On the might side, I think the adventures of Gray Mouser an Fafrd are still the best ones around.

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@ netmouse: Oh you should! You should!

@Sherminator: I don't think the wizard's magic in Harry Potter works that way. My view is that dark magic drains on their souls but other than that magic is an every day thing for them. I think magic works for them like using our hands is to us, we start moving them without knowing what we are doing as babies and gain more skill as we age. Magic is just part of their life and without even knowing they have any magic they can do magical things.

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