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Thats it. I'm out

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I think it's time for me to be going. I've spent too much time lamenting the loss of something that will never return.

I read the taping report for the next show (5.12) and also some of the posts over at fanforum that imapotato linked to and I realize now that it is a lost cause.

The problem is not that they are making mistakes or messing up the show or changing things without real direction. The problem is that they are "improving" the show based on fan input. You look at fanforum and also the posts that some of the members here write and you realize that there are a lot of fans who like the new direction. In fact they see the changes as continuous improvement rather than changes at all. You only have to look at the ratings (in my sig) to see that they are meeting fans expectations.

Given the early seasons I think that the show became popular by appealing to geeks and people in the sciences but, now that it is popular, the direction has been taken over by the mainstream. Looking back at the early shows, there were real references to real science - not something that I think would be interesting to the average person. This was something that really interested me as very few people I know understand or are even interested in physics.

The only hope now is that nerdiness will go out of style and the masses will latch on to the next fad. If the ratings go down, Chuck and Bill may try to take the show back to its roots. Mind you, I can't see how they could ever repair the damage they have done to the characters.

So it goes.

I'll reserve the right to lurk and make the odd comment or two (my two daughters still like the show so I'll undoubtably see it once in a while). Perhaps, I'll update my signature once in a while in case there are any interesting trends.

I've enjoyed the discussions both with people of like mind and people I disagree with. It has been good to have people to talk to about all of this as it has had a definate effect on me.

Anyway, its been a slice. See you in the bit stream, etc. etc.

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