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Poor Raj...


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Well, I know I'm a bit odd but I'm a believer in the three couples of Shamy, Howardette and Lenny.

But what about Raj? I think the should be in some kind of relationship, but who with????? Do you think they should introduce another character, or bring back one of the older ones, like Stephanie or maybe even Leslie??? Just a thought, of course but I want to hear other people's opinions :D

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I kinda like Raj's random encounters when it comes to him and the ladies.

If the writers are going to stay with his selected mutism, I don't see any long term relationship storyline remaining interesting for very long (from a viewer's pov)

I did enjoy his antics in "The Wiggly Finger" episode.

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Yeah, I do understand that, but maybe he could be in a relationship with prehaps another deaf person (a nice one this time, of course) or even (in my infinite retardedness) a woman with selective mutism, so that she can't talk to him ;) even if it's just one episode I think it would be quite funny

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but I want to hear other people's opinions :D

Oh boy, where to start!

(Long rant deleted)

What Raj deserves is not a relationship, but to be taken out to the paintball field, shot in the back of the head, and buried in an unmarked grave. Next to Wheaton.:icon_cheesygrin:


I talk with a few of my friends (you know "really talk" with voices) about TBBT and I spend a lot of time defending Sheldon against those who fail to get passed his apparent rudeness and social ineptitude, but when it comes to Raj, well most of the time I am at a loss. He knows better, yet he continues to behave like a horses arse. I fail to see a chance for him to have a relationship of any duration or depth untill he finds it within himself to actually respect a woman.

There is the possibility for a story there if he is put in a position where he actually cares enough to seek help instead of alcohol or drugs. Seeing him in a therapy session could be quite amusing...

But thats just me ;)

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This has nothing to do with Raj not having a girl friend- but am i the only one who finds it weird that all the other characters refer to raj as Koothrappali instead on raj even though its so much easier to say raj?!?!

I kind of find that odd too. It's probably also easier to say Howard than Wolowitz and yet Howard's also frequently reffered to by his last name. Does anyone know why, then, this "callling people by their last names" rule doesn't appear to apply to Cooper and Hofstadter?

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I have noticed that our colonial cousins (Americans ;) ) seem to have a habit (all be it occasional) of referring to friends and colleagues by their family as opposed to their given names. No idea why, although it is also a habit used in places of higher education in the UK.

The last thing this series needs is yet another character. Amy and Bernie have ruined season five and taken enough time away from the main cast as it is.

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I have an interesting idea about raj girlfriend

Here's a scene I wrote

Her name is Abgiil

Tell me what you think

• Please note that all these things Written by me And all connection with reality entirely coincidental

Raj's girl called "Abigail Cohen" she is Howard's relative who came to his wedding (if there is one)

the special things about Abigail is that for the first season in which she Appears in the bbt She would have no personality of her own

she will function as a mirror to all the characters

For example if she will be close to Sheldon At one point she starts to act like him and so she can "explain" him to the rest of the characters ...

Or if for example she is close to PENNY So she dresses differently and getting drunk..

she functions as a mirror to the characters that Surround her

she creates hilarious situations

Plus she also functions as a Walking "OCD"

Think of it this way:

If Amy is the smart side of Sheldon So Abigail is his "OCD" side which creates an amusing situations as the following situation:


Background: Raj, Howard, Brandt, Amy, Sheldon, Leonard ,and Abigail are Waiting in line to Comic-Con (The boys won the girls in a game)

They notice a sign that reads: "Read the following colors" and the sign shows colored lines in the following order:

Blue Green Red Yellow Orange White

Sheldon and Abigail together:

Sheldon: White Red Orange Yellow Green Blue

Abigail: Blue Green Red Yellow Orange White

Sheldon : You're reading it wrong! I would not expect otherwise ... Really how one can read it backwards!

Abigail: No! You're reading it wrong! You should read colors from left to right not right to left

Sheldon: If you were studying the physics of color you would know that:

Penny: a physics of color???

Sheldon: (Ignoring penny) Electromagnetic radiation is characterized by its wavelength or frequency and its intensity. When the wavelength is within the visible spectrum .the range of wavelengths humans can perceive, approximately from 390 nm to 750 nm, it is known as "visible light".

Most light sources emit light at many different wavelengths; a source's spectrum is a distribution giving its intensity at each wavelength. Although the spectrum of light arriving at the eye from a given direction determines the color sensation in that direction, there are many more possible spectral combinations than color sensations. In fact, one may formally define a color as a class of spectra that give rise to the same color sensation.

Maybe your brain not functions properly and as a result you do not see colors properly

What leads you to read colors wrong

Abigail: Between you and me we know which brain functions better

Raj : Whispering something in Howard's ear

Howard: yes it is difficult to decide

Sheldon: Amy, do you have any reasonable explanation for this situation???

The group responded in "Awooooo

The line starts to move

Amy: Let us in quickly


After a several meetings With the group and raj,the Boys decided to go and see a new comic creator that Abigail really wanted to see (The other girls were not interested) But she was bothered By the fact that Raj cannot talk When she's around

So she decided to dress like a man and go with them

And so we created a new male figure

Abigail's impersonation of a man makes the funniest men figure!!!!!

This is just the beginning and it needs more character development

and Except from the scene i have written, There is much more amusing scenes and much more developed than the scene above.

If the writers decide to introduce a new character for Raj I think she'll be the perfect figure ... Functioning as a mirror image of all the other characters and full of OCD to annoy Sheldon

And she has her own door knocking

Hope you enjoyed reading the scene

Uvula ïŠ

P.S no ... I have no idea what Sheldon said but it sounded like something smart and arrogant enough for him to say it ... I tried hard to adapt the scientific values into text

If I did it the wrong way ... Please forgive me:)

English is no my native language so if there are misspellings or other careless mistakes I apologize in advance

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The idea of Raj hooking up with a girl who also has selective mutism would be hilarious. She, too, could utilise a female friend to translate for her (like Raj does with Howard)

Two hand monkeys !! lolz

Building on that, Bernadette could get jealous of Howard spending time with this girl.

I know I'm being sad here. I'm starting to build up an episode :D

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Personally I hate the fact that Raj is the only one of the boys that hasn't really had a relationship and i think he needs one, but i think Leonard shouldn't have a relationship because everyone hes been with except Penny and Leslie he stealed or dindant get permission because take Priya he should of asked Raj before sleeping with her I hated him for that i considered it as selfish then he kinda stole Stephanie from Howard again that was plain selfish so for them reasons i think Leonard dusant deserve one but that's my Opinion.

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