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ill make it quick, love the show, seen every episode at least once, and im sick of watching the reruns.... stumbled on this forum, figured id join up and see whats going on while i wait the 2 weeks til the new episode comes out...

unlike most i havent been lurking and honestly havent read any threads here yet... i came straight here to the intro section just to say hi... tomorrow when i have more time i will read through your wares and see if this forum has some intuitive posters with some insight on the episodes or even a lil harmless banter if we disagree...

i am a newb to this forum, but ive been around enough of them to find my way around... ive modded and adminned a few when i had time to dedicate... so i wont be much trouble to the mods here, im sure ill find my way around easy enough... it seems to be a standard/ bare bones forum that lays more importance to the posts instead of 1000's of useless smileys or the same old arcade that u could play anywhere... i like that aspect...

ok, even i know when im rambling, guess when i said 'ill make this quick', i was a lil off... just figured since its my intro thread i wanted to give all the pertinent information about myself in relation to a forum like this, and a little of what i expect from it...


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thanks for the welcome... :icon_cheesygrin:

yes, i like what ive seen so far, once i get caught up a lil more ill be able to settle.... its hard being the newb on a forum and playing catch-up on 5 years of posts...

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