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Bernadette crap...

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When I look at the smiles on all the children's faces, I just know they're about to jab me with something.

Homer Simpson

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I think this thread has run its course now. We're rehashing the same points and I don't think anyone's opinion is likely to budge. So we'll end it on a highpoint with Digusted's Homer Simpson quote. :D

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Alex7 asked to make a final post in the thread before it is locked. I think it's right the OP is given the last word in their thread so here it is:

no what im trying to state is that everyone here that you went against gave you valid points and you just disregard and make replies with no rebuttal and start saying shit like "why don't you read my post?"

whining like a baby

and all you did was post on this thread and ONLY this thread.

other members posting here was giving sincere replies and you take it as an attack

Not everybody is not against me and if you'd read all the posts you wouldn't say that.

There are pros and cons because this is a discussion and unlike you people didn't come here to flame;)

Whining like a baby???? Is that a fact?:)))

i don't think she ever said she hates all children, please provide a quote

"disgusting and repulsive..." doesn't mean she hates them

Yes she did and if you'd actualy wached the show and not search the internet for threads to flame you'd know that;)

where did you get that "90% chance" to turn abusive?

Again, if you'd read the posts you'd know why i said that;)

all your statements are flawed and everyone pointed it out with a valid argument and all you like to do is bash on their replies

and when you can't accept it, you make a dumb remark such as watch power rangers

So you just taken sentences out of context and then put them here to what?:))

To show that you can copy paste?:))

Why don't you just copy random words from my posts and paste them here....that will really show that I am dumb;)

Yes of course they are all flawed because you decided that:)))

before you spout nonsense about Bernadette stating she hates kids and that a person like that have a 90% chance of being abusive, do some research and provide backup to your claim

I don't need to do a research because i work in this field and i know that's the case....

You see, i camed here informed and talking from expertience but you just came here to get attention not offering contra-arguments just saying that everything i say "is dumb and stupid".

You should really try to get a grip and exercise some self-control because your performance is really pathetic....

Back to the topic.

As this is the final post i would say that the path the producers chosed (cheap and shocking writing) may be financial profitable now but in the long run it's gonna kill the show and i'am sorry to see that, i was really looking forward for a couple more years but if this is all they can ofer....thanks but no thanks..

I like to thank everyone (well almost everyone) who participated to this discussion, your ideas were interesting (even if i didn't aprove whith some of them) and will see u next time;)

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