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5.15 The Friendship Contraction (Feb. 2)


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Wow people nitpick episodes to the bone! Why all the discussion on how 'buff' Jim/Sheldon looks? Isn't that a good thing he looks healthier? I haven't paid much attention to it at all until I started reading these comments. It's not like he's the Hulk now, he looks fine and still a tall slim man. Nothing more to it. And I agree with what Jacks stated a page back- Sheldon has been demanding since season 1, why argue about it now? Some aspects of characters don't change. If Sheldon didn't demand his friends and Stuart to take him to the dentsit the whole episode it wouldn't be funny, since that's what Sheldon does! Sure he could say 'thank-you' for all everyone does but the fact is he's not like that. It would have been nice to see Leonard say no and stand by it but perhaps it's easy to drive him everywhere since they're roommates and work at the same place. In the real world someone like Sheldon is near-impossible to be around but if the guys and girls in the show can handle him, so be it. I love episodes like this that make Sheldon human. We know he did miss Leonard, 'his little buddy.' His attempts at mending their relationship aren't the best but again, Sheldon has poor social etiquette. His weird wacky mind thinks all he says and does is okay. At least he made a 'Leonard Day' even if it's nothing big.


Tons of great moments: Sheldon asking around who wants to drive him where, Penny about what girlfriends are for, Howard's nickname, Sheldon's comment of what fun could come from a blackout and being alone with a girl, Sheldon ending up on a boozetour to Mexico, going to Stuart for help and his placement on his list... a lot of laughs. Another fav of season 5 which so far is turning out to be a wonderful season. :)

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Surely, as an Astrophysicist, Raj would have, at least heard of Buzz Aldrin huh.gif 

Also, it's odd that, in the space of just 14 episodes, Raj went from not even knowing who Buzz Aldrin is, to emailing Buzz Aldrin videos to Howard.

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I wanna see a Leonerd's Day episode.  I've been waiting for it since I‘ve watched the friendship contraction half a year ago. ...but it seems I can't get it ever.

I also wanna see Beverly interviewing shamy and howardette, not necessarily on screen,but maybe mention it in a fun way.  

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