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I think Amy is the best girlfriend Sheldon could ever get, and I really like her and Mayim of course.

But I don't understand how anybody can ship Sheldon and Penny! I mean, if the writers would develop a romantic storyline between those to, I'd probably stop watching the show. They are just not made to be a couple, their relationship is a brother-sister like. I think it would just feel wrong.

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no more amy. just a thought. The greatest age of The Big Bang Theory was the original 5 leonard, penny, sheldon, howard, raj that's it with occasional one night stands and hook ups. NO MORE AMY NO MORE BERNADETTE. it's not that there bad characters it's that they are interfering with the show. the show was made on 4 simple beautifal pillars 1. nerd/normal contrast 2. sheldon 3. penny/leonard 4. nerd/science stuff who decided to make this 90210 you are running away from the original concept. now you ma want to argue "we have high ratings" you have high ratings from your momentum that's it. you cant have 1 becuase there are too many people 2 sheldon was best with penny 3. there is no more becuase amy is always making pervy comments to penny. 4 no more science stuff becuase it's relationship PLAN sheldon ditches amy (vice-versa?) bernadette leaves howard on the altar (kids,money, space)
You remind me of a band fan who demands the songs they did 20 years ago and refuses to listen to the new songs. Meanwhile the musicians have moved on and progressed. They are left wondering why the fans are unable to grow with them. In truth, they are sick of playing those same old songs. The basic rule here is that the artist is always ahead of the fan. I believe the showrunner has made the correct choices. The characters have grown. Howard's sex obsession was becoming tiresome. Sheldon was going nowhere. Raj was unable to converse with half the population, limiting massive amounts of plot devices. Leonard was in danger of losing his value as a character. Eventually his obsession with Penny from a far would have seemed creepy. Penny has grown a little with the relationship. She was in danger of becoming one dimensional. Bernadette works well as both wife and judge of Howard. Especially in her witnessing Howard's relationship with Raj. Amy serves as the newer more pathetic past of Howard, Raj and Leonard when they were alone and ignored. Amy is alone in her relationship with Sheldon. While at the same time allowing Sheldon to grow. I have heard the Friends comparrison before but I do not see it as such. Although Ross and Rachel resemble Leonard and Penny. Joey is unrepresented. As is control freak Monica. There is no ditsy single blonde. Of course on any TV show one will see formulas used across many shows. Jokes are rehashed. I am enjoying the latest seasons very much. Edited by sixteenth note
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Amy (Mayim), is the reason why I watch the show ! I can't imagine Sheldon without her 


Same here, I started watching because I liked the interactions between the original cast, but I kept watching because of Amy (and especially the way Mayim brings her "to life").

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Same here, I started watching because I liked the interactions between the original cast, but I kept watching because of Amy (and especially the way Mayim brings her "to life").
Exactly, Amy and Bernadette were brought on so that the other characters would develop. Without them, Penny would have been the dumb blond with skanky friends, Sheldon would have stayed his robotic self and Howard would have continued to be sleazy and disgusting. They opened up more character interactions and made episode ideas possible, the Scavanger Vortex wouldn't have worked with 5 people and the Cooper Extraction would have been a very short episode. Also, the show was kind of offensive to begin, the only woman portrayed was dumb and attractive and the guys were awkward around other people - this certainly doesn't represent real life.
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