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Hello! Here I am, yet another huge fan of The Big Bang Theory :icon_cheesygrin: I doubt any of you will fault me for that. A little bit about me, for anyone interested enough to read it:

-I love Sheldon (Who doesn't?)

-I write fanfiction all the time, but none of my BBT ideas are good enough; I doubt I could pull off a realistic fic for this show anyway.

-I found this site through a link someone posted on the NFA website (NCIS Fanfiction Addiction)

-I love movies very, very much.

-While I love writing, I don't think I'm very good at it.

-I'm a very friendly person, and I'll talk to anybody willing to put up with me :D

-I'm a bit crazy, I'll warn you now. That may or may not translate through the computer, I don't know.

-I'm clumsy, and I'm one of the most accident-prone people you will ever converse with (if you choose to do so).

-I tend to do things that I'm bad at despite their usually-disastrous results; i.e., singing, dancing, cooking, drawing...

-I don't usually make lists this way, but for some reason I felt like it today.

-I'm interested in other people. If you bother to read this, tell me about yourself, please :D

-Last one, I promise: Jim Parsons is amazing. But, I'm pretty sure you guys already knew that :)

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Ahoy there,

My three favourite characters are Sheldon, Howard and Kripke (never can get enough Kripke).

I love movies too, I'm a silent film fan nerd.

I'm clumsy also, fall down my stairs all the time.

And you are going to have a great time on this board, lots of interesting topics and friendly people.

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Those three are so awesome. :) Or, as I refer to them, Shelly, Fruit Loops and Bawwy. lol

I love silent films! I kind of think it's become a lost art, which is why I'd really like to see The Artist to see how they did with it :D

*recalls Sheldon's famous gravity quote*

Awesome, thanks! I can't wait :)

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And just remember you're not accident prone the floors just hate you and walls just jump out at you (or atleast that's what I tell myself)

Penny and Leonard are my top characters

If I had time I would watch more movies but I'm almost never home (till time for some sleep)

I forget things easily

and lastly I'm a horrible speller

There you know a little about me too now

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