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Kyzzx -- what is that from? He looks so cute there.

I wish I knew! I have no idea. ):

notice his hair is shorter. looks so good. :)

I'm for the shorter hair as well. :D

I don't wanna say it's from the new episode, since in the promo it looks kinda longish still. Probably not.

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Kyzzx -- what is that from? He looks so cute there.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like Jim has a microphone attached to the collar of his top. Maybe the shot is from an on set interview he's done at some time?

I think I remember. It was in a cast interview presented as a DVD extra. Not sure if it was season 2 or 3.

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Thanks for posting it here. That's one wacky photoshoot. :)

Just for the info, I'll probably be internet-challenged for the next 2 weeks, since I'm moving to a new town (and a new job) and it might take some time to settle down and get a connection. So might not be able to check in much.

Rather upset that I'll have to be away just at the time of the finale, and hence miss the merrymaking (or otherwise) here!

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Tony Nominations, Kristin is tiny, she had to stand on a stool.




I watched it last night (Australian time) and I have to say Jim was very "shy" he really didn't say anything other than announce the nominations, Kristin was the talker.

CBolt, Kaley would look sexy wearing a potato sack! :)

That maybe true but seeing her in that red dress she looked amazing, just wow.

They once had Marilyn Monroe dress in a potatoe sack, because someone said that of her, and they were right.

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Kristin has too much work done on her face.

Kaley looks so sexy in that red dress.

you have my vote.

Her legs looks great in the dress, she's always had such great looking legs, I wish the tennis picture had a close of Kaley especially in those shorts.

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Guest I'm not dead Cheryl

hmm Johnny & his sexy scruff.... yes please! :D

thanks for posting so much Johnny eye-candy :)

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