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Jim and Mayim - March 21st, 2012.


BAM! Pregnant.

OMG! :icon_lol: This made me thing that Jim and Mayim were guest starring on episode of Thats 70 show in those get ups. Priceless. I'm often reminded of that show while watching TBBT some of the things they say and do are just like on T7S!

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^ the part in during that montage in UP where she breaks down in the doctor's office... omg... soooooo sad. Beautiful, beautiful piece of cinema.

The worst part was sitting in the theater and hearing all the children saying, "Mommy, why is she crying?"

UGH. :icon_cry:

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Guest I'm not dead Cheryl

aww Mayim's wedding pic! I saw a few of those, she looked lovely

now, hipster Jim


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Guys just google "Jim Parsons high school" on google images and you will find his high school pics. Also go on yotuube and search for the same thing and you will find an awesome video of his sister and mum talking about him, it also shows some pics of im doing plays in school and other cute pics :)

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