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The photo thread

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Besties! (this one of the pics on Penny's frigde), credits to Pamela (tbbt-fans on Tumblr)  

Has anybody seen these???? BOY we have a hot cast!  

Posted Images

I had this thought, and then I had to go ahead and edit a pic. Hope you all like it! :)


Haha hilarious casting!

Here's Bernadette and Amy.

Ugh, I hate to cast Amy as the villain. I absolutely love Mayim, but I also think she's talented enough to play the role if she had to.


Awesome, I love Mayim too and she's a great actress and not to sound rude or anything, but she does have the nose for it. But, in terms of personality I think Leslie Winkle would be great for the wicket witch part and Sheldon's mom should definitely play Auntie Em.

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I'm so sad I didn't get to go to The Big Bang booth because I wanted to sit through The Walking Dead panel! That's the only part that sucks about Comic Con. Every thing you want to do will overlap with something else you want to do. Thanks for the pics though, they're so cute, and I'm glad Johnny made it.

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Oh, he oozes charm like bread dipped in honey. :) I'm not quite sure whether it's planned or spontaneous, though.. probably bits of both.

His interviews are just delightful. Apart from personal charm, he also comes across as pretty thinking and articulate, and has an odd straight-faced style of humor which is priceless if you get it.

That Jim/Johnny hug was my favorite blooper moment ever! That, and all the Jim/Kaley moments.

Why is this turning into a Jim Parsons appreciation thread? :p


Jim and Kaley are sweet together in the bloopers and the hug you mentioned was funny because Jim was being mischeivious

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Guest I'm not dead Cheryl

two pics of Mayim fron an interview she made yesterday (haven't seen the interview anywhere yet though)



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