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More Johnny and an interview too, first the photo.



Nice pic and nice interview--thanks for sharing.

I like his hair in this pic.

I like that in the last few episodes they're not slicking his hair down so much, but sometimes on the show it makes his head look wider.

In this picture, though, I like the way it's styled--looks a little "mad hatter"-ish... :p

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Guest I'm not dead Cheryl


This is a pic that Mayim just posted on her Kveller page, if you are interested here is the article.


Love that pic! and a very interesting article, but then again, Mayim's blog always is :)

BTW, I was going through pics on my hardrive and found a pic from a Blossom episode. I totally forgot I had it. Mayim looks lovely in it and she's with David Lascher... *sigh* I've had a crush on him since I was 12. I still do :)


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Thanks for all the goodies!

Mayim's blog is jolly and inspirational as always.

The Jim/Jimmy Fallon picture is from the Pictionary episode that disappeared from the online link I had.

That man can rock a suit. And oh, those endlessly deep icy-blues.. don't get me started. :wub:

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Thanks for posting. I saw it over on the other forum. It certainly doesn't look like worth getting picked up! Jim is cute as ever, though, and most definitely not Sheldon. He also looked even more ridiculously young back then.

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I agree! Jim is so cute :icon_redface: and I am big fan of him. I am fall in love with Sheldoooon. But, I am crazy or Simon Helberg has very sweet eyes too?? Yes, I know he is not "handsome" and his is tiny...but he has a very sweet expression in his big blue eyes/face. This is so sexy :icon_cheesygrin: If in a parallel world he is not married (and Jim don´t exist) and he (Simon) glance at me with those eyes...I MARRY HIM ha ha And he is an amazing actor. His face and body expressions in the program...perfect!


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