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Monique, your signature is amazing.

At that taping, he drank that liquid so fast. The audience was like, "Woah."

Something would have to be preeeetty tasty for me to drink it that fast. :p

If I recall he drank like three glasses full because they had to re-do the scene.

All I could think of was him in 2x02. "I have to make pee pee."

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Wow! I kinda have that in common with Jim though. I can take down liquid like a pirate. LOL! I could easily win in a contest. LOL.

That scene was so funny! Him, drinking it so fast thinking it was tea. Hahaha. What makes it worse is when have we ever seen Sheldon drink ANYTHING that fast? He decides to do it in Penny's presence of all people. LOL.


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