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IS IT NOT RAJ???? i havent seen the iron man on it but ive seen him with a macbook


No, Raj's macbooks has stickers on them: the one he used when he skyped with his parents while his sister was there had alien stickers while the one he used back in The Wiggly Finger Catalyst had fake gunshot stickers and has a black keypad. Sheldon also has one, the one with the red cover on it and the one he used when Amy skyped with him in episode 6.07. Penny has a laptop but hers is Dell. Bernadette just got a small toshiba dotted with Pink flower stickers from Howard which was what she used during the weekend vortex. She has a bigger one, a Toshiba one dotted with flower stickers, which she uses whenever she skypes with Howard. Raj used a toshiba laptop when gaming, Leonard his black Dell, while Howard and Sheldon have Alienwares. Amy also has an Alienware, the smallest one, and also has a Mac PC at home. She also has one at work but recently it's not in her lab.


No, I don't really pay attention to the details in the show.


I wonder whose laptop that was. Thank goodness I haven't bought one yet. I'd really get me an avengers skin this weekend as an early Christmas gift for myself.

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I think that's a behind the scene photo, the laptop is probably one of the crew's. Mayim said that when they shoot the Skype scenes she is actually on Skype, and you can see there's a microphone on her desk, so they're probably shooting that scene from 4x05 in that photo.

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Yes, I know that it's a bts photo and the tidbit too. All their skype chats were done during the scenes, as in they are skyping while actually taping. That's what I was asking though, that who might own the laptop. Anyway, at least I have another rare bts photo where Sheldon (in this case, Jim) is smiling.


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Guest I'm not dead Cheryl

Yearbook pics!


















Couldn't find Kaley's Johnny or Melissa's yearbook pics :(

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does anybody know how i can save the attached picture to use because usually i can save it and use it that way but "something" is not allowing me


Yes they embed them so you can't take them. All you can do is take a screenshot and upload it onto your own tumbr, photobucket or image sharing account.



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