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The Brasilian professor Segundo André Nemésio discovered this new bee and called it Euglossa bazinga!



I was just reading this the other day--and there's an asteroid named something like 246247 Sheldoncooper (something like that).

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I was at the grocery store and while waiting in the giant line I was looking thru the trash mags.

Guess who I found inside.

I don't know why they are hating on Kunal. He looks fine to me.


Saint Peter: "So what did you do with your life?"

Trash journalist: "I got paid to publicly humiliate and bitch about people I don't know all day. Particularly to do with their appearance. But MY body's perfect, and that's what you let people in for, right?"

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Thanks for the great New Year icon, and same to you!


pantha9 - sorry, I didn't get what you said about the Twilight thread?


Phantagrae - Oh, yes. Sheldon's fame is out of the world. :)

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No way, I didn't buy it. I was bored while waiting in the giant line at Walmart. :).

I'd like to see the ppl who write this stuff in their bathing suits. I doubt they are supermodels.


Yeah, but those silly magazines exist because lot of people buy them :( maybe when they read those silly articles they think: "oh, I am not perfect but those stars too are not so I am happy" Then they start to watch TV eating fat snacks and then they see those "perfect" stars again and lot of ad telling us we must be slim and with porcelain skin on their screen and then they run to buy more those silly magazines and then....it is a circle


BTW, we know Kunal has a small belly now because we saw Raj dancing without t-shirt in this season. He looks lovely :)

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