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Regarding Mayim´s dress she is talking about it:


"Ali had on hand a navy Tadashi Shoji gown which is what I ended up wearing and although the sleeves are about three inches shorter than I tend to wear because of tznius (modesty), it was very comfortable. I love Tadashi Shoji’s appreciation for curvy women like me, and it was really a lovely back-up. I felt very “me” because it showed off my curves, but I also felt like I could walk without fearing I’d look pregnant if I didn’t stand up super straight and all of that. I wore the shoes I wore to the Emmys and some pretty earrings and besides having cold arms, it turned out really nicely I think

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They are all so awesome. They seem as good friends in real life as their characters are on tv. This could totally be a still from an episode where they're messing around in a photo boot. Melissa just cracks me up.


I found it interesting that Simon mentioned the story about coming in early and finding everybody else already there.  I've seen a clip of Kaley saying the same thing and also read about Johnny doing the same.  It has always appeared to be a fun and supportive set and there seems to be a lot of good feelings toward each other as a group, even if they individually have favorites among the other cast members (Jim and Mayim, or Johnny and Kaley for example).

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He reminds me of Thing 1 and Thing 2 (without the big frizzy hair) in the old Cat in the Hat story by Dr. Seuss... :D


And, yeah, I wouldn't mind helping him out of those long red undies...


I love that he's wearing his watch under the sleeve of that "union suit".

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This is very interesting. I found a picture of Jim Parson working as an EXTRA in an episode (in 2002) of Boston Public, an old TV serie. The amazing is that he was wearing same Sheldon´s outfit!



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