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In Memoriam: Mike (walnutcowboy) has passed away

The photo thread


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Thanks Pomita! Doesn't he have lovely eyes?....They're just heart-melting :icon_cool:

Yes. Kind, and sharply humorous and observant at the same time!

I just watched those videos...OMG!!! you really have to keep your cool there..they're shouting from everywhere. Poor Jim..no wonder he's so shy in front of the cameras. That's tough work.

I know, right? Being a celebrity is no joke. Jim seems pretty confident and relaxed in front of all the cameras and shouting, but you can catch a bit of his deer-in-the-headlights look at times, which shows he's bemused by this stuff.

Thanks for the other videos!

For someone above who got labeled a shorty at 5'2'' - FYI I'm 5'0''. :p

@netmouse - As Moon_pie says, we're girls. On the other hand, my hubby has been going a bit gaga over the Jim/Mayim picture too. :D

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^^ Saw the FB post with the cover earlier, nice pic!

And you all posted some more nice "eye-candy" posted for all to enjoy :icon_cheesygrin: Thanks!

Some more contributions from moi:





more to follow :)

Part II







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@ Jacks> thx for the eye candy :)...that second pic is mind-blowing :icon_eek: .....the Flash :icon_lol:

@Pomita - Hey, I don't mind being labeled as short. As I said for a girl it's ok thanks to the heels :icon_mrgreen:

Man...I have to find those pics from Watch magazine :)

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Moon_pie - just wanted to let you know that I'm winning the competition for shortest. :p

Jacks - that's an impressive variety of eye candy!

Man! Who wants to be that robot??

Have repeated this multiple times on multiple forums, but yes..

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Thanks, Jacks, for those photos! Love Kaley. :) :) :)



As a female, Kaley is really, really attractive. It would be silly to say otherwise. Eye candy all around for me, haha.

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Just in through Twitter :)



The cast & Nimoy & seperate Sheldon one as tweeted by Nimoy himself.

Thanks! The one with the baseball shirts (that's what they are, right?) is so sweet. I don't remember seeing it before.

I think it's Ice Hockey, Pomita. (I'm going by the logo on the front of Jim's jersey)

It is indeed Ice Hockey from when they visited Canada :)

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Guest I'm not dead Cheryl

Wil Wheaton just tweeted this pic with Mayim (and coconuts)

Sheldon would be angry LOL


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