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Kaley Cuoco - Charmed


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I got the Season 8 DVD last week and there is a great audio commentary with Kaley Cuoco, and executive producer Brad Kern & director James Conway - it was very funny and there was some interesting behind the scenes information given aswell.

I wasn't that interested in buying the set, as I thought after Season 5, the show went down hill, but the commentary with Kaley and special features in general made me want it more, so I did.

Now I've just got to decide wether to buy Season 6 & 7 or live with a gaping hole in my set :icon_cry:

Really? I'll have to get a hold of the DVDs then. I too thought it went downhill after season 5. I got fed up and stopped watching after season 6 so I didn't know Kaley was in season 8 until after Big Bang Theory. I've tracked down the episodes and watched them already, but I didn't know about the DVD commentary. That's exciting!

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