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I sooo hate the theme song


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I sing along to it, but I keep getting lost. The day I get it right will probably be the final episode.

Let's hope I never get it right :)

Ahaha. lol. I've somehow memorized most of the song from just watching different episodes over and over again :p

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I like the theme song and agree that it doesn't need to be replaced...

That said, I do have a pet peev I wanna get off my chest: the line ending: "...expansion started, wait..." is contrived and jarring. I feel a more natural, rythmically smooth, & cosmologically germane substitution would be "...it started to inflate..."

...(ah, I never knew forums could be so therapeutic) :icon_wink:

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I never liked the theme song and find it annoying.

It is also one of those tunes that is just "catchy-enough" to stick with you and drive you bannanas as you sing it (or try to) in your head long after you have heard it.

I FFwd through it every time but usually catch just enough of it to induce the "residual effect" above - LoL !

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