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Big Bang Theory Drinking Game

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Drinking water of course! :p

Wouldn't want to promote the large consumption of alcohol.

Watching episodes of past seasons and new and upcoming episodes of this season I've come to the conclusion that there are a few things re-occur often enough in the show that it could lend itself to becoming a fairly busy drinking game, especially during some scenes.

One idea for a drinking game would be to drink anytime makes one of those faces no one else the show really can make. Usually this is related to a situation where Sheldon is overcome with frustration or joy. Works both ways.

Another idea is to drink anytime Penny talks about drinking or IS drinking. I would like to say this would not create many chances to drink but some episodes would be loaded indeed.

Or you could drink everytime Leonard tilts his head back and stairs off into space either when talking to someone or just in the background listening.

But I think a more interesting drinking game would be to drink any time there is a reference on the show to something sexual; verbal or visual. Whether it be actually two people in bed (then naturally their will be some verbal reference to something of a sexual nature), or part of a joke one of the guys is making. Of course this also includes the too-often-present Amy to Penny comments of a sexual nature.

I read the taping report for The Stag episode coming up and you'd be in for quite a few sips by the looks of it. Now, of course, that episode being about a Bachelor party I guess you can't expect it not to have dialogue about sexual things but if you look back it's a little surprising how many episodes have at least a few sexual references. They certainly love to use the words intercourse and gentials a fair bit.

So, what do you think? Ready to get drunk off of .... water!? :p

DISCLAIMER: I want to point out that this thread is more of a tongue-in-cheek analysis of the show and not intended as a complaint... although it does make it hard to find an episode to show parents or younger kids who might be a little more conservative but still enjoy the other humour involved in the show. :p

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I tried this on Saturday. Let me say, I only picked four things to drink for, and I could only stay awake an hour. LOL.

I chose:

1. Any time Penny says "sweetie."

2. Every time Sheldon knocks in a sequence (I did one drink for the entire thing, not three).

3. Any time Raj whispers to anyone.

4. Any time they go to the comic book store and you can see Captain Sweatpants.

My friend was out before me. Lol.

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Any time someone says "nevermind";

Any time Sheldon is sitting at his desk using his laptop, when everyone else is doing something else;

Any time Sheldon blinks funny (not when he's having tics attacks, but a lot of times when he blinks slowly, or an eye and then the other, or just one eye)

Any time Raj complains about being alone.


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