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My point was that his reaction was purely emotional.

Everything you do is an emotional reaction to something. Emotions are just chemical reactions in the brain. Happiness is a chemical reaction, as well as hunger, or thirst.

So is romantic attraction.

@ekap2 insisted that Sheldon is a 'creature of pure intellect', so any emotional/romantic attachment is out of character for him. I tried to show with several examples that while Sheldon likes to believe that he is purely rational and intellectual, he is given to many kinds of intense emotion, and it has been demonstrated throughout the series. He is just not good at understanding and processing his own emotions in mature ways.

Pomita, If you want to go into a philosophical discussion regarding truth and belief be my guess, People beleived the world was flat, to them saying the world was flat was truth, therefore to them the world is flat is the truth, its the same with Sheldon. The sheldon Paridgm, is seeing the world from a purely logical, or intellectual standpoint. Your arguments for my points we could continue arguing becuase I have a counter argument for ervy one. Wether from a philosphical standpoint, or frome vidence of sheldon character, He still is acreature of pure intellect

You can argue whatever you want philosophically, but as several examples clearly indicate, the show's canon is that Sheldon's character is not purely intellectual and rational in action. That's what he likes to believe himself to be, in his thoughts. But in his behavior, he is very often guided by impulse and displays outbursts of immature emotion. There's a mind-heart disconnect there.

Your argument about 'believing that the world is flat' perfectly illustrates the point, in fact. Yes, there were people who believed that, just as Sheldon believes that he is a creature of pure intellect. But since that was not the empirical truth, eventually

people had to bow down to the weight of real-life evidence and accept that the world is not flat. In the same way, Sheldon will have to accept the experimental evidence regarding his own character at some point, and that will be the time when he will be more in touch with his feelings and his emotional reality. We, as viewers, have seen it all along, and know him better than he himself does - and so do his friends, which is why they realized much before he himself did that he has feelings for Amy.

Do you think sheldon himself every considered himself "loving" anyone? IF he does do you think he likes it?

a) I love my Mee maw.

B) I love my mother, but my feelings for my spot are much greater.

c) To Leonard - I platonically love you, man.

d) To the bird (Lovey Dovey) - come back here, you stupid bird, so I can love you!

So yes, he has used the word 'love' more than once, not just for toys/fiction/comic books but also for humans and sentient beings. And I don't think there is any reason to suspect that he doesn't like the feeling. He never said so.

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