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Oh sorry!! The new season is on in America so I thought it wasn't a spoiler. But it seems like it's just you and me in that thread so I won't spoil you anymore! Yeah when I noticed it it reminded me of TBBT too.


No problem thats a good spoiler haha. We get the ep Jane chases down Lisben this Wednesday. Not sure when we get new season though. 

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I've watched some episodes mostly second and third season. But I decided to watch it from the start. I just watched the first ep. I always loved Jane!!!!!!!

I'm a huge fan of The Mentalist. Can't wait for the new season premiere, which airs this Sunday. Things are getting bad for Red John, Jane and Lisbon are very close to him. Waaaa, this is going to b

2 suspects down, 5 to go!! My money is still on Ray Haffner - he fits the bill perfectly.

I found that article explaining some things about 7.10 .It has major spoilers for those who haven't watched season 7 so you've been warned.


About this episode..It was pretty sad and I liked Vega and Wylye..It was such a shame what happened but I guess that was her story arch and it is interesting at least to me..Considering they only have half a season I think they do the very best they can and it is good.But for me they needed a whole season to address all these issues smoothly and have a nice ending.But at the end of the day I am quite pleased with the show and season seven.

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