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Objects in apt/Howard's room


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Sheldon has a thing on the shelf near the door, under the boombox, that looks like a boombox but could also be a speaker. Know what it is? It's almost like a box painted to give the impression of a boombox.

Also, in Howard's room, he has a dome-shaped lamp - is it supposed to be a particular lamp or a model of something?

Don't they sometimes show posters etc. that are like a real comic book image but are not from a real comic book? This may be true of the stuff on Howard's walls.

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Pretty much all of the set props used in the show are actual real world items.

There is a lot of product name change in the show. Most noticeably soft drinks.

The lamp next to Howard's bed is a UFO lamp. A vintage collectable.

here's a great shot of his room:


Unsure about your speaker question, however sry.

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Another object question: Sheldon has something next to the fridge. It looks like a big LED display or a picture frame, on top of a stack of books, like phone books. Sometimes it's not there. Any ideas what it is?

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