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I started watching about 6 months ago because my wife recommended the show. She said I would get a kick out of it because I am so much like Leonard and Sheldon. I watched a couple of shows and then went and purchased all four seasons and a season pass for season 5 from Amazon. So I've watched all five seasons straight through from the beginning without any significant gaps.

That said I'm a new fan but I got to watch it from the pilot straight through and I've gotten to watch the entire thing several times. I like the seasons in order with season 5 being the best and 1 the least.

The addition of new characters over the five seasons has increased the complexity and kept it from being the same old boring routine from week to week. I remember the original Star Trek from the 60's where it absolutely became formulaic after a couple of seasons.

The characters have shown growth true to the theme of the show which is the Big Bang Theory. They've all developed relationships commensurate with their characters. Had the show retained the same venue from season 1 or even 2 or 3 I would have quickly lost interest.

I've never watched an entire episode of Friends since I found it boring from the first scene and Mike and Molly got boring after two or three shows to give some examples. I put a DVD of TBBT on when there is nothing else on to watch and that is nearly every day.

I've found some episodes hilarious and others merely amusing but the progression from the pilot through to the Countdown Reflection has been increasing in quality and comedic value.


Glad to see someone agrees with me.

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