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Hey guys, I am sorry that I haven't been on this forum for a while. I've been flooded with working on my own business and just launched my Social Networking Website LifeonBreak.com

It's free :icon_cheesygrin: and we know free is good haha

Basically it's very publicized networking site.

Members can post on other members' walls without being connected with them. However, there is an option for that.

The idea was to combine business and personal information, but not too personal such as Facebook.

This can apply to forums as well. Some of us might want to connect with other members, but felt like FB was just too personal (no offense to some of the members lol)

But with this I think it's a thing. This by no means is to replace other social network, forums, or anything of that sort. I just like to give it an option of course.

Here's my profile http://www.lifeonbreak.com/SimonSayz

Thank you all for reading and checking it out. I spent countless hours on it considering im not code savvy. Feel free to invite your friends!

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Cool! I'll register, dude!

My username is Alien94


I have to answer a question: 3x6=? And when I write 18, it says it's wrong...?

hey alien, sorry about that. i was fixing it up...you should be able to register now without a problem

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