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who are you most alike in tbbt?

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Ok so who are you most alike in tbbt.

Please stay on topic with your replys this forum is notoriously good at straying away from the point more importantly don't answer with another question.

I would say I a most like Raj not for the mutism side of things but just his attitude towards life. :cool:

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I would say; a cross between Raj, Beverley (Leonard's mum) and Sheldon.

Raj, because when talks about pedicures, liking Sex and The City etc - I always laugh out loud, because I am quite feminine too (or as Raj put it 'metrosexual; as I love women and their hand creams :) !!) Also in certain moods I can be a bit matter of fact like Beverley and not in the mood for sentimentality etc. My Sheldon side is to do with food (and no one touching it because then the whole food is 'compromised' LOL), the way I plan the week ahead on my iPad every Sunday and also my focus for my subject, music. It is all I think about!


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