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Post a random fact about yourself..


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My younger brother and I once dreamed of living together on top of a video game arcade (which we also owned) and spend our days doing nothing but playing video games and eating junk food. Just like Jeff Bridges in the movie Tron.

Our second plan (should the first fail) was to live together in a house like the one The Beatles lived in in the movie Help.

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Although I am not educated in mathematics above the general high school level, (never did good in Algebra II) I have always been intrigued by the number a Googol Plex. Please, don't ANYONE here even attempt to discuss Grahams Number with me, (Although it is EXTREMELY larger than a GP) until you can fully comprehend and visualize the enormity of a Googol Plex and it's comparability to anything in the known universe.

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Guest I'm not dead Cheryl

I'm allergic to polyester and strawberries. I'm also allergic to egg shell and I'm lactose intolerant

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