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Guest I'm not dead Cheryl

I tell everybody that I'm allergic to bananas but is not true. I just hate them.

I was once waiting on a woman who told me "no tomatoes, I'm allergic." Her friends all nodded and agreed, yes, very important, no tomatoes.

She then asked me for ketchup when I delivered the food. :D

I couldn't help it, I had to laugh, and she admitted she just didn't like them. It was pretty funny.

LOL, that was funny, I hope it never happens to me :D

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I have the coldest hands on earth, people have asked me if I was a vampire for that reason.

I was holding hands with this guy once - for the first time, then he lets my hand go and rubs his hands together, coz they were so cold. I laughed.

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i hate walking up the stairs or down the stairs, and hearing only one or two footsteps behind me. I don't mind if the stairs are crowded with a billion people, but I dunno I get really paranoid when there is one person walking down the stairs behind me. its weird. kinda hard to explain the feeling.

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