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Actually no, Moffat kinda answered it on Amelia William's book. Remember on The Bells of Saint John, one of the kids Clara was taking care of had a book called Summer Falls written by Amelia Williams? Well, the BBC released it as an e-book and I have it.

The Curator is one of the characters on that book, that is about a girl who discovers a painting from where things come out and a key, etc. (It kinda foretold the 50th anniversary).


In there there are these bits:





As I was watching the 50th it reminded me of these parts on that book. So, for me, I think it's pretty clear that The Curator is The Doctor in a distant future, retired, and looking after the Museum, as he was appointed by Queen Elizabeth I.


Moffat has very much been planning this for a long long time, that book was released back in February-.

 Well I'm glad to know I didn't miss anything !

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If you aren't that fond of Doctor Who, it's no surprise that you didn't like "The Day of the Doctor." Hell, I've seen quite a few grumblings about it, mainly from the die-hards who were disappointed that none of the "classic" Doctors got the chance to have their moment in the sun, something that would have been either ridiculous (most of the living actors are now too old to realistically play the part) or impossible (the actors playing the First, Second, and Third doctors are dead). Plus, in order to properly accommodate all of the Doctors, the show would have had to have been about 397 hours long. :) Seriously, nothing that this show could have done would have satisfied everybody, so I'm glad that Moffatt decided to "keep it simple." (Including Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor would have been nice, but Eccleston is a diva who's still nursing a grudge and doesn't seem to have much appreciation for the fans or his place in the history of the show. Pity. I did like that they digitally added a hint of Nine's features in the final few frames of the War Doctor's regeneration, to finally complete the chain.)

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Yes, but it was not the lack of past doctors that bothered me. I just found it a bit boring.


It is a shame that Eccleston is like that. What the bloody hell's his problem?


Never said that the lack of past Doctors was your problem. I just pointed it out as one of the big gripes from others about TDOTD, to show that you weren't alone in being disappointed by it (for whatever reason). :)


Eccleston, apparently, didn't exactly part ways with the show under the best of circumstances. He didn't much care for the direction that Russell T. Davies and the production staff were going, didn't care for some of the decisions that were made, and just felt overall that his time on the show wasn't a good one, hence his grudge (even though virtually everyone involved with the Davies regime left [voluntarily or no] when Steven Moffat took over). He's also stated in numerous interviews that, in a nutshell, he considered it to be "just a job," kinda like everything else he's worked on, and has moved on, and has no further interest in the show. It's how he approaches just about every acting job, I think, and while that's fine in most respects, IMHO it's not exactly a great approach to something that's as beloved and long-lived as Doctor Who (same would apply for other beloved cultural icons, like Star Trek and Star Wars).

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Yes, I also heard that Eccleston had witnessed bullying or something...? on the set. That's strange to me, as the atmosphere always seems very warm and relaxed in behind the scenes/making of diaries.


Huh. Didn't hear about that. In any event, Moffat did approach Eccleston about possibly appearing in the 50th, and while the talks were friendly and cordial (from what I heard), ultimately the decision was made to not include him. How much of that decision was Moffat's and how much was Eccleston's, I don't know, but I think it would have been a bit too crowded if we had Nine, Ten, Eleven, and War all in the same show. They did use a clip from "The Parting of the Ways" in the "all the Doctors converge on Gallifrey" sequence ("And for my next trick..."), and they digitally inserted his features into the last few frames of the War Doctor's regeneration (look at the eyes and eyebrows), so they did manage to include him, in a sense.

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