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Episode 2.04


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That was a pretty disturbing smile he had going. Did I miss something, when did Raj get the courage to talk to penny so openly? I have been in the process of moving so last night was the first I've seen of the new season, so I guess I missed something.

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Raj: Dr Gablehouser.

Gablehauser: Dr Koothrappali.

Leonard: Dr Gablehauser.

Gablehauser: Dr Hoffstadter.

Sheldon: Dr Gablehauser.

Gablehauser: Dr Cooper.

Howard: Dr Gablehauser.

Gablehauser: Mister Wolowitz.



So funny *LOL* Its so hilarious. Poor Howard *LOL*


And Sheldon beeing confused about Rajs accomplishement in that People Magazine was amusing *LOL*



Oh and this one is good too:



Sheldon: A tremendous accomplishment would be if the planetary body he discovered were plummeting toward Earth and he exploded it with his mind.

Howard: That would be cool. I’d go to that reception.


And I loved Raj´s parents xD So amusing those two! Especially where his dad said :


Dr Koothrappali: She’s feisty. I like that. And the look from his wife after that *LOL*



Oh and the most important thing: Sheldons creepy smile *LOL* so epic!





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