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What up my fellow moon pies


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New big bang theory fan and been lurking for some time.

Here are five facts about me:

-i loove radiohead, reason why i started watching this show

-im 18

-this show has inspired me to go to university and get a phd, i realised after watching this show how beautiful knowledge can be.

-im in love with jim parsons. Yes.

-i can relate to this show a lot and it has given me hope.

Anyway hope that didnt sound too cliche, btw im typing from my ipod touch so please excuse all grammatical errors and such. My fingers are too big for the damn keyboard.

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I have spent the last six years Driving trucks over the road. For the most part its eat, sleep, drive and over the last six years I may have spent 10 days at home. So I have completely missed all five seasons of the show. Last Christmas I came home got a local job and discovered Big bang theory. I have been catching up ever since

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