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Episode 2.05

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Hey... I love this show!! And I can bet this one will be hilarious! But I knoww Ive said this a lot, but I really miss the Leonard/Penny thing.. Im just a romantic, sorry! :p

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I laughed so hard *LOL*

Love that episode!


Leonard arriving at home and how he lands on the couch *LOL*

Sheldon didn`t want to interrupt Pennys morning prayers *LOL*

the speed bumps and Sheldons reaction *LOL*

Sheldon wants to play a game in the car

Howard drives Sheldon down Euclid Avenue on his scooter *LOL* and how Sheldon screams *LOL*

The simulation is so much fun that Sheldon uses when he learns how to drive *LOL*
the pillow as an airbag *LOL*
Rajs and Leonards facial expressions when Sheldons using the simulation program the first time *LOL*

Sheldon using the simulation programm again *LOL* Loved his " Sorry, my bad." Student driver" *LOL*
And then Leonards " Oh the pet store!" (Johnnys delivery of that line was just perfect!) *LOL*

The end with the cleaning ladies *LOL*

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