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What phone have you got?

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I have a Pantech Hot Shot by Verizon. It's not really so hot but it IS a very convenient slim phone and it doesn't require all that unnecessary data package that most smart phone users need to purchase, so they can connect to the internet and all that fun stuff. I prefer to use my PC with a 22 inch monitor for doing that, especially since I'm at home most of the time. It's simple, has a good size screen, It takes fairly decent pictures, not too good video capture, comes with a 2 GB replaceable micro san disc. You can put up to a 32 GB disc in if you really need that much music on your phone.

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I have the Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone.

Hands down, the best phone I've ever owned (included brief flits with Blackberry and Iphone). It's so smooth and fast, never crashes, never hangs, and has a fairly decent battery too!

My contracts up soon and I'm debating just getting another Windows Phone to back this one up lol.

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