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Is 'The Walking Dead' good?

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It's on Netflix and Hulu saves a little green and it is not bad for a "Zombie" tv show.Plus the AMC channel runs marathons alot to keep people up to date on the storyline hope this helps! :icon_biggrin:

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I never cared  for Zombie movies that much, but when I watched the very first episode of this show a little over a week ago, I marathon watched every single episode up to date. Although it's a great show, I would have to admit that the acting isn't quite up to par with the story script, filming, special effects and props design.


 This show is NOT recommended for the weak hearted when it comes to GORE. And I'm not talking about Global warming here.

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I don't know if it happened any where else but in my area, during the last episode, after a really gory shot of the zombies tearing out the stomach of a newly dead guy, the station went directly went to a KFC commercial with a family digging into a bucket of chicken!


I thought it was the worst commercial timing ever!! I haven't laughed so hard in a LONG time!!   

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My Top 20 TV Series (In No Particular Order)



Burn Notice

Boardwalk Empire

Game of Thrones

The Colbert Report

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Stargate SG1

Stargate Atlantis

The Unit

The Walking Dead

Family Guy

American Dad

Star Trek: TNG

Star Trek: Voyager

Top Gear

The Simpsons



The Sopranos

Chapelle's Show


So yeah, TWD gets a thumbs up from me!!!

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