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Looks like filming has started for new season


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hi--everyone in burbank for

the show.

it is hot here, it is high 90's

new york 75 w/rain:icon_wink:

I pretty much melted waiting outside. It was bad, good thing there was shade, though.

i found a big tree to stay cool.

Good. I was happy that hardly anyone was in the sun, it was too harsh. I was under a tree too, but I am spoiled and still thought it was a bit warm... Heh.

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Oh I did misunderstand you, sorry about that.

In the real world there are nerd girls, so the show exaggerates this a little. Deep down nerds never really change, or at least they change less than most people. So if they stick to that, there will be plenty of laughs.


The show is quite good about depicting a cross-section of science-nerd girls now, but it's been weak in the depiction of sci-fi/comic-book-nerd girls. The only example was Alice. There are so many girls right there at Comic Con, for example, and TBBT doesn't seem to explore that aspect.

I think this is why some people have been discussing a desire of seeing Raj with a geeky girl of that kind, if and when he gets paired up.

I so agree with both of you. And yeah I'd love for them to do a show about Comicon with tons of nerd girls. I know tons of girls into manga, the website The Mary Sue, loving their shiny new electronic toys. Raj would be cute with a nerd girlfriend or boyfriend dippy Dale from the comic book store :icon_biggrin:

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