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Season 6 spoilers


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It's not likely to be a real threat to tenure issue, since those are major deals at any university. If it involved tenure, it would more about someone getting it, not losing it. Any thing else would be very serious. One possibilty could be that one of the guys has t teach a class or two as part of their tenured faculty duties. Requiring Leonard and Sheldon to teach would be a great source of humor.

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Prady did post the photo a lot earlier than normal so maybe it will be a shorter taping night.  Typically he posts them around now and that photo was posted over 2 hours ago.   I am so grateful Monique and Kellee are there.  At least we can get an idea what they are doing in this episode.   I still have not given up hope just because of this photo. It so far is only one scene that we are aware of that could be the cafeteria so that doesn't necessarily mean it won't be about Amy...just that there is a scene that takes place there.  I really won't be disappointed either way.  I just hope there are some Shamy moments.

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tmp, I was wondering the same thing.  I honestly have no idea what they are doing in this episode other than something about tenure that causes some drama.  I would think they may include more on their storyline, but who knows.   I would think we might hear from either Monique or Kellee soon because it is after 11 PM their time.

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Can't wait to see this episode!  It's always good to see the guys competing with one another!  love that line about Amy and taking her breast out when she had the chance! 


I do hope that Sheldon gets the tenure.


RaL and Sheldon and the mooma jokes! and Mrs. Davis is back!!!

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So someone refresh my memory about the next tapings. (Can't believe there's only 4 left!!!). There's one next week and then a break until ... ? And there'll be 2 new eps back-to-back in April and then 3 in May?

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First, thank you infinitely, Monique. Absolutely fantastic job, as always. And don't feel bad for not remembering everything, please. Not only is it perfectly normal, it is good, ultimately. It leaves us with enough info to be content and enough doubt to be properly surprised when the show is broadcast. Best of two worlds, really !


So the turbulence is about who's going to get tenure. I am ok with that; it sounds good.


I have to say, I love the darkness of this episode. There is something so delightfully gruesome about a professor dying in his office and nobody noticing until his corpse starts smelling. I am very partial to these little peeks into the academic world : Crawley being dismissed in spite of being the ultimate expert in his field gave way to a superb scene and an amazing Lewis Black cameo; Dr. what's-his-name whose office was given to Sheldon and who would hang around the place stark naked made me laugh very hard; the head of something or other telling Leonard that he too had to do certain unsavoury things to get funding, etc. I adore how the whole of Caltech is completely bonkers and desperate in so many ways. It is such a contrast to how the world of academia is usually portrayed : ethereal, solely concerned with research and intellectual conundrums. The reality is actually much closer to what depicted on the show : odd, competitive, crual and darkly funny.


Sheldon... Roots ? Secret handshake ? Really ? You've simply got to love this man-child. He is just so cluelessly offensive and adorable ("you're black, right ?"). I cannot wait to see that. Just like I cannot wait to see Leonard's eyes popping out his skull, Tex Avery Wolf style, when Penny "ties up her shoes".  Nice redux of the smart glasses scene !


The competition may be an arc for the rest of the season, since they all are on the shortlist at the end of the episode. What are the writers going for, I wonder. A Survivor-style, one elimination per week, thing ? It could work out : there are four episodes left and if Kripke made it to the finals (since Sheldon in one of the maybes, Kripke should be too, I guess, since his research is ahaead of Sheldon's), there are enough contestants for that. 


Let's play a little game of "what are their chances", shall we ? 


Raj : the underdog. Giving him the position would certainly be a shock for the audience because I don't think anybody expects him to get it. But aside from the surprise such a decision would cause, I don't see how that could add to the show in the long run. Don't get me wrong, I love Raj very much : he is a funny and incredibly sweet character. Nevertheless, there is not enough of a cloud of tension around him to make his professional advancement particularly dramatic.


Kripke : the golden boy. If anything we've heard about him is true, he seems like the natural choice. His research is more advanced than Sheldon's and for all his despicable attitude, he is an incredibly talented scientist. Him getting tenure would certainly upset Sheldon to the nth degree and would probably give way to another round of revenge pranking. I enjoy that tremendously but wonder if it wouldn't be a bit repetitive, especially since their last confrontation was no so long ago. 


Sheldon and Leonard : the Remus and Romulus of Caltech. I put them together because I guess they'll be at the center of it. On the one hand, Sheldon is supremely gifted, intelligent and eager to leave his mark in his field. On the other, Leonard is equally competent and, in spite of what his roommate asserts, enough of a noted scientist to get grants, even without the help of his sexy bod' ! From a purely technical standpoint, they are both extremely strong contenders. But from a narrative viewpoint, Leonard has the advantage. Not only is he the hero of the show, he is also the one who out of the two, least expects it. If Sheldon got tenure, it would only be a confirmation of their respective statuses, as they both see them : Sheldon as the head honcho and Leonard as Santa's little helper. Don Quixote and Sancho Pansa. Conversely, if Leonard gets tenure over Sheldon, it is a threat to the status quo. It complexifies the hitherto hierarchy and may impact their relationship in the future. 


Therefore, my bet (but it is a very small one, like him) is on Leonard. Narratively, it is what makes most sense. It presents the two friends with a genuine cause for confrontation; it reshuffles the cards of their relationship in a way that is quite new to the show's structure; it provides Leonard with an opportunity to feel confident about himself (which is rare enough an occurrence to be noted); it gives Amy a chance to console Sheldon; and it may lead to even further drama... 

For I cannot quite shake the feeling that it all leads to something potentially big. First, Leonard realises that he never really chose to be a scientist. Then a tenured professor dies in his office without anybody noticing for days/weeks and Leonard gets offered his job; the dead, lonely, sad scientist's job. For life.


I sense trouble.


PS Once again, that post is way too long. Sorry, sorry, sorry. It's like a disease or something.

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