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Season 6 spoilers


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Promo Pictures of Episode 22: (my favourite picture is the last one *LOL*)





12 Promo pictures of Episode 23:





my favourite picture is number 8 *LOL*

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Not so much word of the renewal, news like that, from CBS was a foregone conclusion with the ratings. If TPTB are talking of what may happen in season 8, that means the cast has agreed to Contract terms, which I think is the bigger news.

They now know who to write for, and how long to drag things out. Actually two seasons is about as far out as they should look, since by the end of next season, they'll know how the writing is holding up. As @tensor mentioned in an earlier post, this show is unique in increasing its audience six years in. Who knows what else different they will do? It still boggles my mind that a show about science nerds survived the first season. It is basicaly a show about my life (except for the hot neighbor, of course.)

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