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Season 6 spoilers


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Oh they will renew.  Mostlikely they will decide or announce in March.  Usually if a show has fabulous ratings and the network wants them for sure they do the renewals a year in advance.  I imagine CBS will buy s8 and s9.


As always at this point in every mega-hit series the renewal process will be all about money.

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I would think with ratings so high the actor's agents would be talking to CBS about additional seasons either right now or very soon.
And the agents and actors are probably looking at getting a piece of the syndication money, in their next contract.
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<blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="SRAM" data-cid="76804" data-time="1355775790"><p>

When are they going to tape again? Will the start again on the 8th?</p></blockquote>

Yes they will be starting on the 8th Sram.


Well, a taping report from the 8th will be a nice welcome-home present for me!  I'll be getting back from my holiday travels that weekend, so I'll watch the episode from the 3rd (if I remember to tape it while I'm gone and nothing goes wrong...) then await the taping report, then watch the episode on the 10th.  :D

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yep! if i can survive summer hiatus i can survive winter


I'll be so busy over the next few weeks, being out of town for 2 weeks (plus I'm taking my DVDs!), that I'll hardly miss it--I hope! :)


I've got a couple of little fic pieces I hope to be able to work on when I have some down time, so it'll be in my head off and on the whole time I'm away.

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Hi, new here. :icon_razz: Was the last one the  last episode of the year?

Yes, if you mean The Santa Simulation. :D If you mean by taping, no, the last taping was Episode 13: The Bakersfield Expedition and it's going to be shown probably on January 10, if the episode on January 3 would be immediately followed with a new episode the week after.

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